Tuesday 22 November 2011

Brainvoyager QX tips and tricks 2; Create a 3d shape by drawing a region of interest

In the following slides, I will present a simple method of creating a 3d mesh from a region of interest using draw with mouse tool.
First of all, open any *.vmr file, when you click on 3D volume tools, choose segmentation tab as shown in the following image. Tick enable for draw with mouse option (I selected 2D in-plane) because I drew a region of interest around corpus callosum. If you want to draw a multislice volume you can choose 3D (cube) but with care as you move from slide to another. To change draw tool color you should change (New) value in rage (225-240). I got orange color by change value to 226.
You can start drawing by selecting (ctrl+left click in windows) and (cmd+mouse left click in MAC).
After finishing drawing, click on 3D volume tools then choose segmentation tab and option as shown in the following image. Next steps are shown in the following series images.
Then select mesh morphing to smooth resulted shape.
In the final step, we save resulted mesh
We can combine two meshes by adding another mesh as shown in the following image.

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