Saturday 24 December 2011

Batching FSL tools and utilities using Applescript "3" (fslsplit)

This script has been written to automate conversion of 4D images to series of 3D images using fslsplit utilityThanks to Carolina Mendez Orellana for the idea of this script. To download this script please click on the following link FSL_SPLIT

fslsplit splits a 4D file in one of 4 dimensions (time, x, y, z)

fslsplit <input> [output_basename] [-t/x/y/z]
        -t : separate images in time (default)
       -x : separate images in the x direction
       -y : separate images in the y direction
       -z : separate images in the z direction

Please leave your feedback if you like this tool or a suggestion if you think it needs to be improved!

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Carolina said...

I need to thank you once again for this great script!!!! It safes so much time!!!!
cheers! Carolina Mendez Orellana

Jamaan Alghamdi said...

Hi Carolina,
Thank you very much for using this script and for commenting here.