Sunday 20 March 2011

Create an averaged brain in Brainvoyager QX

Regional differences in sulcal and gyral topography can be used as disease indications such as in schizophrenia (Csernansky et al., 2008). In the previous video I showed how we can combine multiple aligned surfaces (.srf files) in one surface brain like the following image;

For combining multiple volumes (.vmr files), we use another function in BrainVoyager QX. This function can be accessed in two ways;
1- Through Volumes tab and mouse click on Combine 3D Data Sets... sub tab as shown in the following image.

2- By clicking on 3D Volume Tool then selecting Talairach tab then clicking Combine Data Sets... button as shown in the following image.

After selecting one of the previous options we will get window like the following one, we select wanted files and press on Average button.
The resulted average looks like the following image;

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